KZR's Video Game Resources

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Here is where you will find samples of my work. You should NOT use any of the images from this page unless specified that it is meant for free use. If you want freebies, feel free to visit my OGA page HERE

Own Projects

A Game produced by myself

Shinobi Densetsu, commonly known as SD, is my first serious game development project, and also my "great big game" to be released someday, when it's finished.

Started as a learning project, it soon became a showcase of the power of the Open Surge Engine,
Most of the game was prototyped in it, and will soon move to Construct 2.

While the prototypes looked like a 16-bit era platformer with RPG elements, the project's goal is to keep that style of gameplay while looking and feeling like an Anime.
Please note that I have a very unique style, and may not be able to deliver to all your wishes. If you, however, like my style, don't hesitate to take a look at my RATES

Client Projects

A Free Open Source Game by Alexandre Martins and the Community

I contributed a lot of content to this project. Some contents were accepted, others were not.

Most of the sound effects were made by me, some of the graphical assets were made by me, and edited by the community.

For the Sound effects please look HERE. Due to contributions from other users, I can't tell 100% sure which effects are mine, except the ones labeled "(...) by KZR"

A quick look at a prototype level, using the principles from my 2.5D tutorial that you can find in the Freebies page.
Some sprites and animations, upscaled to match the game's new look and higher resolution.

Having a Wacom tablet has its perks, not only it makes coloring line art a lot easier, it also makes creating stuff from scratch a fun job.
A game produced by myself and George Dziov

Shoot 'em Down is both a parody and homage to the golden age of gaming. It is built upon the 8-bit frenzy and the console wars of the late 80's / early 90's.

It is a free game currently under active development. Release date TBA.

Since it relies heavily on copyrighted material, only actual originals will be shown.
These contributions were not used / accepted
A game where you build your own platform game, by Ian Martin

A small job for Escape: Factory, an endless runner by Dynamic Atom, and my actual first assignment.